Salinas CUERockstar Black Label #SalCityEd

This Google Slides presentation was created for the Salinas Elementary District’s CUERockstar Black Label Edition. This is not meant to be a “How-to-do-PBL” session or even an “Intro-to-PBL.” A Buck Institute for Education PBL 101 workshop would take three days and consist of 21 hours of professional development.

This CUERockstar session is meant to last 90 minutes and will introduce a few tools and protocols that could be used to promote student voice, manage activities, and facilitate students showcasing learning via public products. We’ll look at the narrative of a PBL unit-from its opening act with an entry event and the Question Formulation Technique, to its second act where the need arises to manage activities such as reflection, to its third act where students showcase their learning via a public work.

Along the way, we’ll take a look at student work and share ideas on how to integrate the teaching of intellectual property rights with Creative Commons Licenses and using, an infographic creation platform that merges words and graphics in a powerful storytelling tool.

Be sure to open speaker notes by clicking on the gear in the lower left corner. Please note that many images serve as hyperlinks to outside sources. Other hyperlinks are embedded in text, too. If you like what you see or have questions or comments, reach out to me via Twitter or leave a comment on the blog!

This Google Slides presentation and its contents are licensed under the following terms.


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