Shooting Film for iCivics!

Your students have done it again!

We were asked by iCivics Executive Executive Director, Louise Dube, on behalf of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, to provide our insights on iCivics! The request: film kids doing iCivics and talking about it. The result: 22 minutes of B-roll of kids working and using iCivics and 31 minutes of kids talking about iCivics and what they like.

We were also asked to provide B-roll footage we shot for a larger documentary to be released soon.

The brains behind all the editing of our b-roll will be 35 year-veteran filmmaker Bob Burnett of GVI in Washington, DC. We held a conference call with him in December to discuss what he hoped the students would provide. Several students were present at Film Academy to participate. During the call, Mr. Burnett asked the students if they would be willing to cut a 35 to 45 second piece of our own for his larger documentary piece and which could also be used by iCivics for outreach to teachers and students across the country. Check out the results for yourself!

iCivics Promo for GVI from Jim Bentley @Curiosity_Films on Vimeo.


PLEASE RETURN MEDIA RELEASE FORMS TOMORROW JANUARY 16. We need to send these to iCivics or else they will not be able to use any of the B-roll footage we shot of your students. 

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