New Commercials in Production for City of Elk Grove

We are working on four commercials this school year for the City of Elk Grove’s Integrated Waste Department. The topics are:

  1. Pet waste goes into the garbage and not the green waste.
  2. Plastic bags can be recycled if they are placed into a larger, knotted plastic bag.
  3. Shredded paper can be recycled if it’s placed into a larger paper bag and stapled shut.
  4. Juice boxes/pouches cannot be recycled in the City of Elk Grove, because they are a composite material.

There were two more commercials slated to be produced dealing with styrofoam packing peanuts and block styrofoam, but these have been put on hold for now.

Producers have been selected for the four commercials and voiceover should take place starting October 20. Filming will start during our November off-track time.

For these commercials students will begin using Motion 5 to build opening and closing bumpers. Stay tuned for sneak peaks of what’s to come!

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