City of Elk Grove Commercials COMPLETE!

During the 2013-2014 Curiosity Films Students were given the task of creating a series of 6 commercials for the City of Elk Grove Integrated Waste Department to educate residents on how to responsibly dispose of their trash, green waste, and recyclables. The result: six commercials, each 15 seconds long.

The project was a collaboration with our Integrated Waste Department. Staff wrote the scripts which were then modified as needed to meet the 15 second requirement. Students auditioned for voiceover parts. Teams of students brainstormed the video footage that would be shot to match the script with input provided by Integrated Waste Manager Cedar Kehoe and teacher Jim Bentley.

Filming took place over several days at school and Mr. Bentley’s home. Republic Services assisted with filming, providing a garbage truck and loader for the bulky waste commercial and a stake-side truck for the white good pickup commercial.

Editing was completed by teams of students with coaching by Mr. Bentley using Final Cut Pro X on iMacs obtained through donations and

The results: six commercials that will be aired on the web, at our City Hall, and on Metro Cable, Elk Grove’s community access channel! You can check out the finished films below! Let us know what you think! Leave a comment. Share with a friend. If you like what you see, consider making a donation to our gear wish list. 100% of the equipment we use is provided through donations and grants.

The Green and Clean Commercial was entered into the 48th 2014 Annual California Student Media Festival and won first place in the “Cross Generational” category. Films entered into this category are the result of students and adults working as “co-learners” on a film project.


The City of Elk Grove Reminds You…White Goods Pickup from Jim Bentley @Curiosity_Films on Vimeo.

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