Want to “Glean” Kale & Collards?

Tuesday, May 27 at 3:00pm the Elk Grove Food Bank’s “Glean Team” will be organizing volunteers to “glean,” or gather by hand, kale and collards from Stone Lake Farms! All food will go to the Elk Grove Food Bank.

Want to help? The speed at which we glean depends on how many people show up. Elk Grove Food Bank will have all the equipment necessary to make this happen.

The location is 10886-10890 Stone Lake Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95757

Website is: http://www.stonelakefarms.com/default.aspx

Cliff Wilcox is the farmer. His phone is 916-496-7259 and email is cw@stonelakefarms.com

If you can join us to glean, could you RSVP to me at jbentley@egusd.net

We’ll need kids to glean and kids to help film! Don’t worry…we can trade out jobs and take turns filming and gleaning. 🙂

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