Off to the National Association of Broadcasters Conference

I will be gone Tuesday, April 8 and attending the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ll fly in at 7:00am and return by 7:00pm that night. I paid for my plane ticket out of pocket. The ticket into the convention was free, since I attended last year and established relationships with a few different vendors.

Why go to NAB? This is the world’s largest convention for filmmaking gear and software companies. I’ll be scouting out new software plug-in providers for our editing software, looking for flying camera platforms, trying out camera stabilization systems, researching motorized motion control systems that pan, tilt, and slide, and looking to establish relationships with gear providers so that we might obtain discounted purchase prices for future.

As this school year begins to wind down, our current grants are closing out and new ones will begin. If we’re lucky, we will obtain another $3,000 service learning grant. Additionally, I have applied for a $2,000 Target grant. We received this grant two years ago. Last year we did not.

In addition to these grants, we will once again turn to and potentially The World We Want Foundation for additional funds. It’s great to have supporters. It’s also great to have a long-term plan regarding what we need to continue to evolve to make films that are getting technically better.

If you or others you know would like to donate money to our student filmmakers, you can make checks payable to “Foulks Ranch PTO.” We have received donations in the past in this manner and used them to buy gear for our students.

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