Time for Time-Lapse!

We started testing out a piece of gear…the Camalapse! This little device spins 360 degrees in 60 minutes and smoothly pans our GoPros as they shoot time-lapse video! We first tested it in class as we wrote DonorsChoose thank you letters. We tried it out again today at our farmer’s market. We’ll be using this device a LOT more and next trying to use it in conjunction with our motorized Konova slider.

There’s a lot of R & D (That’s “research & development” kids.) going on at Foulks Ranch!

Kudos to all the kids who come to school with a sense of curiosity and a desire to try new things!

P.S. We’ll have edited time-lapse videos completed by the end of march for our friend Nick Papadopoulos at CropMobster in time for their March 24 launch in Elk Grove!

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